Switch between versions of Firebird SQL Server

I wrote a little batch script to switch between versions of Firebird SQL Server nearly automatically.

The only one requirement is that all versions must be installed in C:\Program Files\Firebird\<Version> where is Major.Minor version number of the Firebird Server you want to use.

Eg : C:\Program Files\Firebird\1.5, C:\Program Files\Firebird\2.0, C:\Program Files\Firebird\2.1 ...

Just copy the script in C:\Program Files\Firebird and start switching between versions of Firebird :

C:\Program Files\Firebird\> switch 1.5
C:\Program Files\Firebird\> switch 2.0

The code :

@echo off
if "%OLD_PATH%" == "" (
set FB_KEY=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Firebird Project\Firebird Server\Instances
set FB_VALUE=DefaultInstance
for /F "skip=2 tokens=2*" %%A IN ('reg query "%FB_KEY%" /v %FB_VALUE%') do (
  for /F "delims=\ tokens=4" %%Y IN ('echo %%B') do (
    set CURRENT_FB=%%Y
set VERSION=%1
if "%VERSION%" == "" (
  echo Syntax : %0 [1.5 ^| 2.0 ^| 2.1 ^| 2.5 ^| 3.0] [Params for instsvc i^(nstall^)]
  if not %CURRENT_FB% == "" (
    if exist %CURRENT_FB%\bin\instsvc.exe (
      echo Tip : These are the available options for instsvc from Firebird %CURRENT_FB%
) else (
  if not "%CURRENT_FB%" == "" (
    echo Unregistering Firebird %CURRENT_FB%
    pushd %CURRENT_FB%\bin
    instclient r g
    instsvc stop
    instsvc r
    instreg r
  echo Registering Firebird %VERSION%
  pushd %VERSION%\bin  
  instreg i -z
  instsvc i %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
  instsvc start
  instclient i g
  echo Defining System Path to search in Firebird %VERSION% tools and some useful environment variables
  set PATH=%OLD_PATH%;"%CD%\%VERSION%\bin"
  set ISC_PASSWORD=masterkey
  echo All Right !

Hope this helps 🙂

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  1. Jeroen Pluimers’s avatar

    In a comment to a ping-back (http://wiert.wordpress.com/2009/12/05/le-vosgien-du-net-·-switch-between-versions-of-firebird-sql-server) Edwin van der Kraan correctly notices that you also have to watch which version of gds32.dll you are using.

    They are not only different between Firebird and InterBase, but also different across versions of the same product brand.


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